All data on Transparent California has been compiled from public records requested and received from the associated political entity and is provided as a public service. We are not responsible for errors contained in those public records.

Some jurisdictions are violating California's public records law and are refusing to provide names or other requested compensation information. In those cases, we have worked to provide as much information as we have received.

Government jurisdictions in California do not maintain payroll and pension records in a uniform fashion. As such, and to help make the data easier to comprehend, we have consolidated some compensation categories.

For instance, the “Overtime pay” column includes overtime compensation as the reporting agency classifies it. The "Other pay" category includes the compensation in the numerous other pay categories some public employees receive.

"Total benefits" only includes benefits directly received by the employee: medical insurance (health, dental, and vision) and employer-paid retirement contributions. The total cost of the employee will be higher than the values reported here as there are associated costs (such as workman's comp, state unemployment insurance, medicare/SS costs, etc) that we do not report as employee compensation.

The "Total pay & benefits" column underreports the total compensation of government employees whose government employer did not provided complete salary or benefit information.

For pensions, all values reflect the actual monetary value of benefits received during the respective year reported.